Rhyl's senior player attacks Leeds' young star Bryce Hosannah

Rhyl FC have launched an investigation after a friendly with Leeds Under-23s was abandoned in the second half following a mass brawl.

Leeds young star Bryce Hosannah was attacked by Rhyl's senior players, following a firm tackle.

O'Connor, who is from Limerick, had a punch thrown at him by a Rhyl player during the scuffles.

The match at the Corbett Sports Stadium had to be abandoned after the two sides clashed, with Leeds coach Carlos Corberan electing to escort his team off the pitch.

Leeds No. 5 O'Connor had to duck a number of swings from Rhyl's No. 4, which according to the team-sheet is named as Tony Davies.

The entire match - something of a prestige friendly for Rhyl - involved tackles that skirted the line between physical and against the laws of the game.

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3 weeks ago

omg this is horrible ...


9 months ago

when will we learn to love each other....


9 months ago

this kind of a behavior is unnecessary


9 months ago

they should enjoy the game, not the fight


9 months ago

stupid people fighting over nothing....