Manchester United v Burnley FC aftermath math of Jose Mourinho

Following their 2-2 draw with Burnley, Jose Mourinho says Manchester United must spend more.

Manchester United played against Burnley FC on Tuesday, December 26, and the result was a draw - 2:2.

Jesse Lingard scored both United's goals.

Responsible for two of Burnley's goals were Ashely Barnes and Stefen Defour.

Manchester United is currently at the second place in Premier League, just behind Manchester City that holds the first place with 55 points.

United has 43 points, and Burnley FC is seventh team in the League, with 33 points, 10 less than Manchester United.

So, what happened yesterday?

For United's manager Jose Mourinho the math is simple: Manchester United must spend more money on their players, and the results will be better.

Well, that is easier said than done.

Tell us what you think about Manchester United's play last night, and their overall Premier League performance, this season.

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