Leicester won over Fleetwood with the help of a computer

Leicester have become the first team in English football to score a goal via a VAR decision as they beat Fleetwood 2-0 in their FA Cup replay.

VAR or Video Assistant Referee is pretty much a self explanatory novelty in the world of sports - it is a computer that helps human referees, when they can't decide on a rule.

Judges on various sports matches now can rewind the footage from the game, and see if they were right or wrong.

Reffs can make changes in their decisions based on the computer results. Those results may concern goals, penalties, red cards or mistaken identity.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) approved the use of video referees in trials during 2016.

But the first ever FA Cup game that was played with the assistance of VAR was last night's game between Leicester City and Fleetwood Town.

The game ended with the result 2-0 for the City. And you can hear what managers of these football clubs think about the VAR technology.

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2 weeks ago

VAR system is just stupid ... idk