Chelsea boss Antonio Conte is worried about top 4 in the Premier League

After defeat against Bournemouth on Wednesday evening, Chelsea boss Antonio Conte admitted he is worried about his side's chances of finishing in the top-four of the Premier League.

Antonio Conte's manager career is maybe at stake, because Chelsea had lost to Bournemouth 3 - 0, and that is just the kind of a result that can get you in trouble, especially when you admit that the future of your team is not certain.

The 49-year-old ex-football player is worried about Chelsea's Championships League placement next year, after their defeat.

Conte is the manager of Chelsea football club from 2016, and the Blues had a very successful first season with him at the helm, being first in the Premier League.

Chelsea is now fourth team of the Premier League, with 50 points. Liverpool is on the third place with 51 point, Manchester United holds the second position with 56 points and Manchester City is first with excellent 69 points.

Find out more about Chelsea's game against Bournemouth and about Conte's thoughts and click on the video above.

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go go chelsea!


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i would be worries too