Arsene Wenger speaks about speculations about his job

Arsene Wenger shows his surprise that there is fresh speculation surrounding his future as Arsenal manager.

Arsene Wenger is a French soccer manager and former soccer player.

He was born on 22nd of October, 1949 in Starsbourg, France. In his rich career Wenger had played for many teams. He started his soccer years as a player in FC Duttlenheim, back in 1963, and he stayed there until 1969. He then moved to Mutzig, and 4 years later in 1973, Wenger was transferred to Mulhouse, then to ASPV Strasbourg, and his final season as a soccer player was in Strasbourg in 1981.

Although he played soccer for a very long time, Wenger is best known for his manager skills. His nickname in the media and among the fans is Le Professeur.

He started his manager career in 1984 in Nancy soccer club, and ten years later he moved to work at Monaco. There, he earned a reputation for spotting young talent, and he was focused on developing a youth system. He stayed at Monaco for couple of years, before moving to Arsenal in 1996.

Wenger is manager at Arsenal soccer club for more than 20 years now, and he would surely like to stay on that position. But, he is not worried about speculations of him losing his job. He is more concentrated on the Gunners play, and their future matches.

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4 months ago

living legend no matter what...


6 months ago

he is a good manager, people can say what ever they want!


6 months ago