Liverpool demolished Watford 5-0, all thanks to Mohamed Salah

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp claims Mohamed Salah is on the way to being compared with Lionel Messi after another scintillating performance for Liverpool.

The latest Premier League match was held at Liverpool's Anfield stadium, against the host and Watford.

The 'Orns didn't stand a chance against The Reds, and the final result was 5-0 for Klopp's boys.

The 25-year-old Egyptian star Mohamed Salah was the man of the game, with four goals scored for Liverpool.

Liverpool's fifth goal was the artwork of Roberto Firmino.

Mohamed Salah has 30 appearances for Liverpool. He was transferred to The Reds in 2017, and in that short period he scored 28 goals!

The manager of Liverpool FC Jurgen Klopp didn't hide his post-match excitement, but he still thinks that Salah has a long way to go, before people start comparing him to the football superstar Lionel Messi.

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4 months ago

Mohamed Salah is such beast!!!


4 months ago

wooooow 5-0 :O awesome!


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5 months ago

bravo Mohamed!