Gareth Bale speaks about Wales' failing the World Cup qualifications

Gareth Bale says he will "just go on holiday" during the World Cup as he admits Wales' failure to qualify for the tournament is 'a massive disappointment'.

The 28-year-old winger from Cardiff, Wales is not happy about staying home for the World Cup this year.

Wales was one of the last year's surprises at the qualifying matches for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The big surprise was that Wales did not qualify for the Cup, as well as many other teams that were almost certain participators of the upcoming football tournament. Other misfortunate teams are Netherlands, USA, Chile, Cameroon, and Italy.

Gareth Bale plays for Real Madrid from 2013, and he says he will use his off-World Cup time to go on a vacation.

He will be watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup games, that is for sure. The World Cup begins on June 14, and it ends with the finals game on July 15. 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia will be held on 12 venues, with 32 teams battling for the most prestigious football title in the world!

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4 months ago

better luck in next qualifications...


4 months ago

Gareth Bale we still love you no matter what <3


5 months ago

he's fail!


5 months ago