Southgate on VAR decision

England manager Gareth Southgate on Video Assistant Referee decision that allowed Italy to level friendly 1-1.

A friendly game between England and Italy was settled after a VAR decided to grant a goal to Italy.

The result was 1-1.

VAR or video assistant referees is the new system that has been introduced to the world of football at the end of 2017.

With modern camera complex on the stadium, there are referees who can watch a problematic moment of the game and decide the right ruling, based on the video.

Reactions on VAR are different, and almost always the losing side complains, while the winning side is OK with the new technology.

One of the people who are not satisfied with VAR is England national team's manager Gareth Southgate, who thinks that VAR gifted Italy their goal.

Hey, Southgate, it is just a friendly match! Lighten up!

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Gareth Southgate <3


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Italy !!!!


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England England England!