Mourinho will punish under-achievers in Man United

Jose Mourinho suggests he has decided to axe some under-performing stars for the FA Cup semi-final against Tottenham.

Premier League semi-final match between Manchester United and West Brom was held at the Old Trafford on Sunday, April 15.

United has lost, with the final score of 0-1, for Bromwich Albion. That practically made Manchester City the winner of this year's Premier League.

Manchester United will play against Tottenham on Saturday, April 21.

With Man City's 87 points, it is all over, because Man United only has 71. But Jose Mourinho is not giving up so easily.

For him, every match counts, and he will make sure that every player on his team feels the same way.

Mourinho said to the media that he will punish underachieving players. How will he do that? Find out in the video above!

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4 months ago

yeah do it!!!


4 months ago

I support his decision totally...


4 months ago

go for it !!!