Everton is done with Sam Allardyce

A look at Sam Allardyce's tenure as Everton manager as he departs the club after a single season in charge.

Sam Allardyce is an English football manager and former professional player who played for more than 10 football clubs.

He has managed more than 10 football clubs also. The latest team he managed was Everton. He was released from the manager position at Everton F.C. today!

Allardyce was born on October 19th 1954 in Dudley, England, and from his early age he was interested into playing football, starting his youth career in Dudley Town F. C. in 1968. His senior career began in Bolton Wanderers (1971), and it ended in Preston North End (1992).

His career is very turbulent, and from 2007 he didn't manage to stay at one club for more than 2 seasons.

Find out more about his Everton days, and click on the video above!

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