Reporter groped by World Cup fan on live TV

A television reporter who was groped and kissed by a man while broadcasting from the World Cup has said she will not let him “take away” her dream.

It is somewhat of a trend for sport fans to make fun of TV reporters. They are always making funny noises, booing, and raising hell behind their backs, while the camera is filming it all.

One other trend that is not so naive and harmless is kissing the female reporters, while they are broadcasting live.

This is exactly what have happened to Julieth Gonzalez Theran, while she was addressing to the Deutsche Welle's Spanish viewers.

She was reporting in Moscow, on the opening day of the World Cup, when a man ran up, kissed her on the cheek, and seemingly grabbed her breast!

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cute reporter :)


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hehe he kissed her on the cheek :)))


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