World Cup round-up: Round two review

A round-up of all the results from the second round of group matches of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Russia is best in Group A with 6 points, just like Uruguay who is on the second place. Egypt comes third with zero points, and Saudi Arabia also has no pts.

Spain is first in Group B with 4 points, with Portugal behind with the same number of points. Iran has 3 points and Morocco is without any wins.

Group C has France as the leading team with 6 points. Denmark is second with 4 points, and Australia has 1 point. Peru is last with no points.

Croatia owns Group D with 6 points. Nigeria is second in the group with 3 points, and Iceland and Argentina has 1 point each.

As expected, Brazil is first in Group E with 4 points, while Switzerland is second with the same number of points. Serbia is third (3 pts) and Costa Rica has no points.

Group F has Mexico on the first place (6 pts), and Germany on second with 3 points. Sweden also has 3 points, and South Korea has no wins.

England is leading in Group G with 6 points. Right behind is Belgium with also 6 points. Tunisia and Panama are last, with no points.

And Group H has Japan as its leader with 4 points. Senegal also has 4 points, and Colombia is third with 3 pts. Poland has no points.

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2 months ago

One of the best world cups ever ...


2 months ago

Luka Modric is awesome guy and player!!!


2 months ago

Go Croatia, makes us proud!!!


2 months ago

France should win this WC


2 months ago

Brasil playing so bad this year ...


2 months ago



2 months ago

awesome news!


2 months ago

really great review, thanks!


2 months ago

Croatia has really good team this year ...


2 months ago

great video!!!


2 months ago

go England!!!!!!!!!