Phil Jones compares England versus Belgium to Premier League match

Phil Jones has compared England versus Belgium to a Premier League match ahead of the countries facing each other on June 28. Out of 46 players from the two nations, 35 play in the Premier League.

England is at the first place of Group G, having 6 points. Belgium is second best team in the group, also having 6 points.

England had two easy matches. They have beat Tunisia 2:1, and destroyed Panama 6:1, securing their further placement.

Belgium also didn't had any troubles in the group. Belgium's first match was against Panama: 3:0, and their second was against Tunisia: 5:2.

England v Belgium match is set for tomorrow, June 28, at 8 PM. Teams will play at Kliningrad Stadium, Kaliningrad.

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4 days ago

Phil Jones <3


6 days ago

clash of the titans !!! ^^


1 week ago

half of players are from Premier League


1 week ago

Phil Jones <3


2 weeks ago

belgium played better ...


2 weeks ago

Awesome video!


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3 weeks ago

great news!


3 weeks ago

Belgium won 1-0


3 weeks ago

i think Belgium has beter team this year


3 weeks ago

go England !!!!