LeBron James joins the Lakers!

LeBron James has agreed a 154 million dollar deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron was eyeing a new team for a couple of years, all while staying loyal to his Cleveland Cavaliers.

But, after their recent win over the Golden State Warriors, The King has decided that he had done enough for the Cavs.

His shift to the Los Angeles Lakers can bring balance to the force of the Western conference.

James has signed a four year deal, for a staggering $154 million! But that is not the only reason why LeBron wanted to go to Los Angeles.

He is, after all, a family man, and he is constantly away from his wife and kids. Being a part of the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron will be closer to home.

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3 days ago

LA is going to rule next season :D


4 days ago

KING is in LA yaaaaaaay !!!!!


6 days ago

WOW this is huge!!!!


1 week ago

LA sucks ballz ...


1 week ago

Welcome to LA :)


1 week ago

OMG i can't belive it !!!!


2 weeks ago

LeBron James the KING!


2 weeks ago



2 weeks ago

YEEEES!!!!! this is huge !!!!


2 weeks ago

NBA is ruined long time ago ...