England fan celebrates wildly in Colombia-dominated Moscow bar

An England fan taunts Colombia fans in a Moscow bar as his side edge through to the World Cup quarter-finals on penalties.

Colombia was defeated by England after penalties (4:3 for England). The endgame result was 1-1. Masterful Harry Kane scored the first goal of the game in 57th minute, and at the very end of the game (93rd minute) Yerry Mina put one in the net for Colombia.

For one Englishman this was a very special day. Not only that his team is going to the semi-finals, but he was rooting in a bar in Moscow, that was filled with Colombian supporters.

Nobody even noticed him, until the end of the game, when Eric Dier's goal sealed the deal and England won.

The excited fan emerged from the all yellow crowd in the cafe, yelling from pride and joy.

Check out the video above, and see him being all brave in the Colombian-filled bar.

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1 month ago

Lovely ...


1 month ago

English fans are acting like morons ...


2 months ago

Colombia played so well ...


2 months ago

english people ... the shame of EU


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England pigs ...


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looks like awesome party :D


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awesome video ^^


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england fans are totally crazy


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gooo ENGLAND!!!!! ^^