Uruguay v France: World Cup quarter-final preview

An in-depth look at the key statistics ahead of the Uruguay v France World Cup quarter-final.

Tomorrow at 4:00 PM Uruguay will play against France in a quarter-finals match. Predictions say that France has 48 percent chance of winning, and Uruguay only 22 percent.

The possibility of a draw are about 30 percent. So, maybe we will have another penalties-resolved game on our hands?

But, Uruguay has not lost a game in the whole 2018 World Cup in Russia, and France has two ties, and zero losses.

France's forward Antoine Griezmann has this prediction: They (Uruguay) will take their time, fall, go to the referee. We will have to get used to that because the match will be boring and they will want to bring us into that.

Tell us what you think about this upcoming match, and hit the comments below!

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1 month ago

i think France playing very well at this world cup


1 month ago

Mbape the god !!!!


2 months ago

Kavani <3


2 months ago

Lovely preview! ^^


2 months ago

one of the best games at WC


2 months ago

Uruguay <3


2 months ago

awesome video


2 months ago

gooooo France !!!! ^^