Joe Hart in numbers

Manchester City and England goalkeeper Joe Hart has completed a season-long loan move to West Ham. Here we take a look at the facts and figures behind the career of the goalkeeper.

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Name name

7 months ago

35 million! Damn! He better fly around that net!


7 months ago

Moraes is at the goal now, no need to put poor old Hart down.


7 months ago

If you are looking for a good goalkeeper.... look somewhere else!


7 months ago

O you better want him, because he was excellent manager in Munich, and he will surely be a good manager in Machester.


7 months ago

Bayern didn't want him, we don't want him!

city light

7 months ago

Yes, guardiola is the manager but he doesn't know s*** about the city. who knows wha he will do this season.


7 months ago

it's managers fault. I think that Hart would be a better solution for the City. But we are not managers of the team.


7 months ago

if he was any good he wouldn't be loaned to whose united nobodies


7 months ago

You need Hart because he doesn' costs 35 million pounds! And he's still good goalie


7 months ago

What do you need Joe Hart for when you have Ederson Moraes?!