Joe Hart in numbers

Manchester City and England goalkeeper Joe Hart has completed a season-long loan move to West Ham. Here we take a look at the facts and figures behind the career of the goalkeeper.

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Name name

10 months ago

35 million! Damn! He better fly around that net!


10 months ago

Moraes is at the goal now, no need to put poor old Hart down.


10 months ago

If you are looking for a good goalkeeper.... look somewhere else!


10 months ago

O you better want him, because he was excellent manager in Munich, and he will surely be a good manager in Machester.


10 months ago

Bayern didn't want him, we don't want him!

city light

10 months ago

Yes, guardiola is the manager but he doesn't know s*** about the city. who knows wha he will do this season.


10 months ago

it's managers fault. I think that Hart would be a better solution for the City. But we are not managers of the team.


10 months ago

if he was any good he wouldn't be loaned to whose united nobodies


10 months ago

You need Hart because he doesn' costs 35 million pounds! And he's still good goalie


10 months ago

What do you need Joe Hart for when you have Ederson Moraes?!