Mayweather v McGregor: How the super-fight unfolded

A look at how the multi-million pound fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor came to be.

There were some difficulties with the fights arrangements - Mayweather asking for too much money, Conor becoming a dad - but at the end, both fighters managed to find satisfaction in their contracts.

They have clinched on August 26th, last Sunday, in T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas.

The boxing match was organized by the UFC main-man Dana White, and from the very beginning there were all kinds of speculations about who will win and why.

All over the globe, sport analysts, fans and other athletes were quick in giving their own opinion about the possible outcome of the match.

Soon, the fight was declared to be one of the hottest sport events of the year, even a decade and for some enthusiasts even a century!

The match itself was not so great, judging by many comments on fan's social media, as well as by professional sport commentators.

Floyd Mayweather was victorious over McGregor in 10th round, when the judge has decided that it was enough for Conor, who was barely standing on his two feet.

Maybe he has lost, but McGregor went home with 30 million dollars, and Floyd got his 100 million dollar prize!

Mayweather now has 50 wins and 0 loses in his professional boxing career! That is impressive! Especially for a 40-year-old retired boxer!

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