Premier League transfer window: The key moves

With the transfer deadline now reached, we take a look at some of the key signings made by Premier League clubs.

There were a lot of transfers in the Premier League, past couple of months. Here are some of them in short:


Jordan Pickford who was on a loan in Preston North End, but now he will also play for Everton.

Victor Lindelof moved from Benfica to the Manchester United.

24-year-old Harry Maguire is now in Leicester City.

And legendary John Terry found his new home at Aston Villa.


One of the most interesting new deals was 23.5 million pounds transfer between Everton and Ajax.

Ajax has sold Davy Klaassen to Everton, on a five year contract for that incredible sum of money.

Klaassen is a Dutch attacking midfielder who also plays for Netherlands' national team, on the same position.

He is playing in Everton under number 20, and with his rich career both in Ajax and in Dutch national team, he will surely be worth every penny.

This 24-year-old started his career in 2011, signing a deal for Ajax, and until this year, he was loyal to his starting football club.


Check out this video, for more details on this great transfers!


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2 months ago

Awesome video, thanks!


1 year ago

10 bucks or a 100, all the same to me:)


1 year ago

you cant even talk about too much money being spent on those mofos, those numbers are astronomical! 1 million or 100 million, all same to me:)


1 year ago

too much money for some of those players...