John Motson quits BBC: Commentator's career in quotes

Long-serving football commentator John Motson will end his 50-year association with the BBC at the end of the season. We take a look at his half decade in quotes.

John Walker Motson better known as Motty was born on July 10th, 1945 in Salford, England.

This 72-year-old has been an football commentator for the most of his life - 50 years to be exact!

Motty started his professional career in 1971, and ever since he has been a commentator for over 1500 games on TV and radio.

In his rich career, Motson had a chance to comment on every major sport event on the planet such as: World Cups, FA Cups, European Championships...

Way back in 2008, Motson announced that he is retiring from the live television, but he continued to work on radio.

Even though he was always a true pro in his commentary, Motson is a Barnet F. C. supporter.

He is living with his wife Anne in Little Gaddesden, and they have one son. So, his retirement should be a pleasant experience, filled with loving people and well deserved rest!

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