Mark Sampson sacked as England Women's manager

Mark Sampson has been dismissed from his role as England Women's manager.

Mark Sampson is a 34-year-old football coach. He played amateur football for Cardiff Corinthians, as he was born and raised in suburb of Cardiff.

His manager career started in 2008, when Taff's Well selected him for their new coach. Sampson stayed with the team for 2 seasons, until 2010.

While he was still at Taff's Well, Sampson started managing Bristol Academy as well, in the 2009.

He maintained the position of Academy's coach until 2013, when he dedicated fully into managing England women's national team.

But, 2017 is Sampson's final year as a coach for England women's team, as he was fired from this position.

Sampson was accused of racism and bullying, even though the majority of England women's team supported him, and still does.

He left the manager position on September 20, and it is still uncertain what will happen next with him, and with the national team.

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1 month ago

Great video!


11 months ago

i am not glad for him being fired, but for a possibility that women's team gets a better coach


11 months ago

career ruined and he is not even convicted


11 months ago

so now you can just accuse a man of something and he immediately gets fired?