England remain a 'work in progress' despite World Cup qualification

England manager Gareth Southgate says his team are a work in progress despite qualifying for the World Cup in Russia.

It takes something quite unusual to qualify for a World Cup finals on a wave of pessimism as icy cold as the one that delivered England to next summer's tournament in Russia, saved by an injury-time goal from Harry Kane but wracked by the memory of the 93 minutes that had preceded it.

The most lethal goalscorer in English footballer struck with 93 minutes and eight secondsĀ on the clock, and this being his 14th goal in nine games he at least can be forgiven for thinking that the World Cup finals next summer might be an occasion that he will remember for the rest of his life. As for the team itself, there were times when it seemed like they might be crushed by the sheer weight of indifference that pressed down on a Wembley Stadium where you counted the empty seats in blocks rather than rows.

But, for the England's manager Gareth Southgate it was all just another game, and for him, his team is still a work in progress.

Find out more about his plans, in this video!

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1 month ago

England has great team this year


11 months ago

i think that he does... england has qualified for the world cup after all:)


11 months ago

with that kind of an attitude england will be destroyed in russia


11 months ago

he is acting like he knows what hes doing