World Homeless Day: Meet the homeless rugby team

Meet the Worcester Warriors rugby team, who run a homeless rugby project used as a tool to build confidence and change people's lives.

It is an interesting concept. Teams in these kind of events are based of people which are homeless, as the name of the event indicates.

Those homeless people come from a different backgrounds: some lost their jobs, some were on the streets from their birth, some lost their families and friends...

And the Homeless rugby team is helping those men to overcome their difficult lives and it wants to show them that there are many things in life that can be done, even if the situation is as complicated as being without a home.

Homeless rugby team is, in a word, about giving people another chance in life. And what a better way to do that, than with sports!

Worcester Warriors rugby team is one of the teams that runs a homeless rugby project. There are other teams as well, and a whole league.

Community coaches work with residents at the city's YMCA. They use rugby as a tool to build confidence and change people's lives!


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1 month ago

Awesome video!


11 months ago

poor guys...


11 months ago

great news! i hope that those men will manage to find better lives!


11 months ago

this is excellent!