Independent Catalonia 'ready to go' for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The president of the Union of Catalan Sports Federations says Catalonia will be ready to take a team to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics should its government declare independence from Spain.

That is according to Gerard Esteva, the president of the Union of Catalan Sports Federations.

It is the most important thing to do for Catalonia - to become member of the international sport federations.

They want to be members of the Olympic committee, and to take membership in the next Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, in 2020.

For Esteva the goal is to participate in the World and European Championships as well, and to establish Catalonia as a independent team.

Esteva says that whenever Catalonia gets its independence, they will be ready to make actions that are necessary for forming the Catalonia's teams in every sport.

Find out more about his plans, in this video!

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1 month ago

Great news!


11 months ago

nothing's impossible:D


11 months ago

he is not even aware how that is impossible:)


11 months ago

what a prick!